Points, Basic Policies and Basic TC Functions

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Points Equivalent: 

Silver Members: 1 point = 1 dollar spent (based on pre-tax amount)

Gold Members: 1.25 points = 1 dollar spent (based on pre-tax amount)

Platinum Members: 1.5 points = 1 dollar spent (based on pre-tax amount)

  • Use TravelClick for manually adding points and nights
  • Use TravelClick for redeeming points, but please do not redeem nights unless they have been added by error
  • When making adjustments, please ensure that "Points Adjustment" is noted in the Reason Box
  • Please advise guests that it may take up to 24 hours for their correct points balance to reflect online


Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Third-party bookings are not eligible for points
  • Travel Agent bookings are not eligible for points unless special circumstances apply (i.e.if errors were made by CRes or FD, exceptions can be made)
  • There are a lot of grey areas, so please refer to a TL or a Member Services Agent

Locating a CR Account:

  1. Click on ZDirect Button in HC
  2. Try the number in TC
  3. Try the email address TC (both on the Profile Search and Loyalty Search Tabs)
  4. If both fail, use the manual profile search using the guest's first and last name, and if there is a CR account linked, there will be loyalty tab that appears on the profile in TC


Retroactively Crediting Points:

  • Based on Policy, we only credit points on or after the guest's sign-up date
  • If a guest is asking for retroactive points credit:
    • Only credit the most recent stay (must be within a month beforehand) if the guest has upcoming stays
    • If the guest is asking for credit for stays past the last month, verify with a TL, but typically we say no, especially if there are no upcoming stays
    • If the guest did not receive points due to CRes or FD error (i.e. duplicate profiles, incorrect sign-up), please credit points from the date the guest should have started receiving points if no errors were made
  • When retroactively crediting points, do not add the nights.  Only add the nights for the stays on or following the guest's anniversary date


Anniversary Dates:

  • 2 Ways to Find the Anniversary Date:
    1. In TravelClick, below the orange box that indicates the guest's tier level, see "Member Since"
    2. In HC. press the ZDirect Button
  • The guest's night count for the year starts on the anniversary
    • For example, if your anniversary date is on September 1, every September 1 of every year, your night count will reset to 0
    • Once you upgrade to higher tier level, you will have one year to maintain it; if you do not, you will be downgraded
    • Tier levels are upgraded automatically, and the most reliable reference is TravelClick


Login Reset:

  1. Change username to guest's preferred email address
  2. Change password to Coast123
  3. Please click on Reveal Passwords to verify all information is correct
  4. Click Save
  5. Please ensure guest's account is verified


Verifying Accounts:

  • Sometimes guests do not receive their verification emails.  They will be unable to access their account if they do not verify it.  If this occurs, simply click on Verify Membership in TravelClick


Deactivated Accounts:

  • Accounts are deactivated following 2 years of inactivity - this policy is posted online, and reminder emails are being sent to members regarding this policy
  • To reactivate an account, add 1 night to the guest's account in TravelClick and use "Reactivate Account" as the Reason
  • Please reset login following reactivation, and notify the guest of the CR number reactivated
    • This is to ensure there is actually a CR number on file
    • This is also to ensure that the email we have is updated
    • And finally, to remind the guest of their CR number


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