Username: CST4129

Password: Rewards12345$


  1. Verify Aeroplan Number
    • Go to Verify An Account tab
    • Input Aeroplan number and Guest's last name
    • Hit Submit
      • If verified, PACTool will indicate so
      • If an error occurs, this most likely because the Aeroplan number is invalid, or the account is under a different last name 
  2. Credit Miles
    • Go to Credit Miles
    • Input Aeroplan number and guest last name
    • Use the reservation's checkout date as the transaction date - PACTool will only go back up to 6 months, even if you are crediting a stay past that period
      • If you are crediting a stay past the 6-month grace period, use "today's date"
    • Input the Coast Hotel three letter hotel code for the Store/Location Number 
    • Use FC Number as the Reference Number (without the Property Code)
    • Please refer to attachment for the Promotion Code (this is mostly used when crediting promotional miles, as other miles can be done through TravelClick)
    • Input the correct number of miles
    • Once you hit Submit, a recap screen will pop up before anything is finalized
  3. Please remember that anything credited through PACTool is irreverisble
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