Miles and Policies

Miles Equivalent: 250 or 500 miles depending on the rate code used (Please see attachment)

  • Use TravelClick for manually adding miles 
  • Use PACTool for manually crediting promotional or bonus miles
  • Only retroactively credit miles up to 6 months prior to the request date (anything past 6 months must be approved by Amy or Naghmeh and also emailed to Amy for billing purposes)

When Crediting Miles:

  • Verify the Aeroplan number using PACTool - Aeroplan number and Last Name must match
  • If the guest is not the Aeroplan membership holder, no miles will be credited and account cannot be verified
  • All miles credited are irreversible
  • If miles are credited to the wrong account in TravelClick, do not redeem these miles.  Simply add the correct number in HC, wait for the information to sync with TravelClick, then post miles manually

Things to Remember:

  • Please advise guests that it will take up to 72 hours for miles to accurately reflect on their online accounts
  • Ensure that there are no spaces between the digits of the Aeroplan number in HC and TravelClick



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