Current CR Issues and Email Etiquette


Current Issues:


Some CR Members are currently unable to book online while logged in.

Please advise them to call us directly at 800 663 1144 or 800 549 9099 (Member Services line)

If they insist on booking online, please let them know that they can do so by booking without signing in, and instead, booking as a guest.  If they do so, they may not be able to access the Members' Rate, so we will need to make that change for them.  They will need to email us their confirmation email and we will have to merge profiles and link accounts to reservations as necessary.


When logging in, some guests may see a different name on their account.  This will happen if they use their CR account to book online for a different guest. 

We can fix this, but to do so, we will need to verify both guest's information to confirm who the correct membership owner is.


When logging in, some guests may not be able to find their CR number. 

We can also fix this.

Please refer to this.


Hotels may call in, claiming they are unable to see a CR number in HC or that there is some kind of issue with a CR member's profile.  Please click the ZDirect Button to ensure there is no CR account.  Please also check for any duplicate profiles that may have CR accounts linked.

Every email address can be used to populate a CR account, so if a guest has used a different one before, the CR account will only populate using that specific email address.


Standard Email Etiquette:

  • We try to use the Member's first name for a more casual and friendlier approach
  • Please begin each response with "Thank you for contacting Member Services."
  • Keep the body of the email concise and formal, and try to separate huge blocks of paragraphs into smaller ones
  • Do not guarantee anything unless it can be ensured
  • Please use your Member Services signature at all times
  • Please end email responses, whenever appropriate, with "Thank you for being a Coast Rewards Member and for your continued support of Coast Hotels!"


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